A globally connected culture house developed by its members

In a beautiful industrial building in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, on Heliosgatan 11-13 a unique culture house is about to be developed. It will accommodate a mix of public activities, creative working and meeting spaces. Behind the idea are well-established, Stockholm-based organizations from the creative and cultural sector, with wide global networks offering cutting edge of contemporary expressions.

The plan for the area is out for consultation until the 12th of February. It suggests that 39 condominiums be built in the house. If instead, 15 of these would become spaces for public activities, Hammarby Sjöstad and Stockholm would have a unique, public cultural house which would link the suburbs with downtown, Stockholm and Sweden with the world.

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The Helios13 group

Rani Kasapi founder Helios13 and Head of Cultural Affairs, Botkyrka Municipality, Guido Hildebrand founder Helios13, photographer and CEO, Delight Studios, Sandra Olivegren founder and project manager, Helios13 Viktoria Walldin anthropologist and developer social sustainability, White Architects, Erik Torvén architect, White Architects, Teddy Goitom producer and CEO, Stocktown & Afripedia, Senay Berhe filmmaker and producer, Stocktown & Afripedia, David Herdies producer and CEO, Momento Film, Iwona Preis producer, Intercult, Andreas Unge musician and producer, A. Unge Produktion, Vanessa Ware project manager, Josette Bushell-Mingo Chair, CinemAfrica, Michael Barrett Member of the board, CinemAfrica, Dina Afkhampour festival manager, CinemAfrica, Raymond Peroti Executive Director, Albys Hjärta, Erik Rosales artist, d1gits/Sirqus Alfon, Karin Victorin culture and television producer, Josefin Lindberg producer, Konfront, Mam Foon graphic designer, MBF Creatives, Mansour Hosseini producer and CEO, Nomade, Figen Solmaz producer Nomade, Teshome Wondimu Executive Director Selam, Barbara Franke producer, Selam, Johan Palme journalist, Dritëro Kasapi, theater director.